Transitional Journeys prepares individuals plan for a successful and stable future. development of their spiritual health in the areas of Education, Financial Stability, Spiritual Edification, and Self Sufficiency, building a strong life foundation from the inside out.

Goal Planning
We help individuals set clear goals and objectives in areas such as employment, educational or skill training, transportation, spiritual growth, job training  and financial counseling. Goal planning will give them life direction, and boosts your motivation and self-confidence.

Spiritual Counseling 
We assist in helping people find their purpose in life, overcome obstacles, and grow spiritually in Christ Jesus. 

Employment and Education

We act as a liaison to help unemployed individuals by providing essential skills necessary to obtain employment through employment skills assessment, job readiness training, resume writing, and interview skill. We also provide assistance with GED training and higher education options.

Prison Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to reach lives for Jesus Christ behind prison walls and to help inmates transition smoothly so that they will become productive members of society .



In the future, we will provide temporary housing to those who are homeless or recently released from prison in to help them with their transition into society.I